We make our healthy treats in small, made to order batches.

We source only the best, human-grade Australian ingredients & lovingly craft them into appaws worthy

chews they’ll love.

Chica and Co was born from a need for all-natural dog chews that contain no chemicals or preservatives. We prepare our chews in small made-to-order batches so that they are always as fresh as possible, and the quality is always excellent. Your dog’s health starts in their gut, so it made sense for us to provide all-natural products of the highest quality.

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All Natural Dog Chews

All Natural Dog Chews Designed For Healthier Teeth for Your Dog

Tips Regarding Low Fat Dog Chews

Whether they are puppies or older, most dogs need to chew. By giving your dogs our all-natural dog chews, you’re giving them a great source of protein, with almost no fat. They are chock-full of good nutrition rather than chemicals and preservatives, which is far better for your dogs as they should not have any adverse reactions to the chews.  Furthermore, the chews keep your pet occupied and reduce their inclination to chew unsuitable items.

As a rule, when buying dog chews, you should always:

  • Check the ingredients listed to make sure that the chews do not contain animal derivatives – this could mean that any part of an animal has been used, including skin and fur. These often contain little to no nutritive value.

  • Look out for chews that are appropriate for your dog’s size. Bigger dogs will cope better with bigger chews, but smaller dogs will struggle.

  • Try not to buy adult dog chews for puppies as their digestive systems are much more sensitive than mature dogs. Single ingredient chews are preferable.

Benefits of Beef Chews

Our chews are human food designed for dogs, using human-grade ingredients that are 100 percent Australian.

  • We air dry our beef chews using 100 percent topside beef. They are extremely low in fat but full of protein and flavour, and are also quite hard, although not so hard as to cause damage to your dog’s gums. The chews are excellent for cleaning your dog’s teeth and should last for quite a while.

  • The pork chews we offer are made from 100 percent pig ear pieces that have been specially cut and dried. These work like toothbrushes and keep your dog’s teeth clean, as well as providing them with some amusement, they are boiled first to reduce the fat.

  • We use lamb liver for our lamb chews, which crumble easily. These are ideal to use for training or to hide inside toys. Liver contains a great deal of zinc and iron and is a fantastic source of vitamins A, B6, B12, as well as riboflavin, niacin, folate, copper, selenium, pantothenic acid, and phosphorus.

Fast Facts about Kangaroo Sticks for Dogs

As with all our other chews for dogs, we have added no preservatives or chemicals to our kangaroo sticks for dogs.

  • We use 98 percent fat free human grade kangaroo meat, which we then mix with of cooked chopped spinach. Your dog gets a great chewy treat that is rich in iron and protein, as well as the vitamins that the spinach contains.

  • If your dog is on a low fat diet or if they suffer from pancreatitis, this is the ideal treat for them.

  • Why not try this uniquely Australian dog chew and other products?

Why You Should Use Chica and Co

Just as you consider your pets to be family, we at Chica and Co do too. You wouldn’t feed your family anything filled with chemicals and preservatives, and why should your pets be any different? After all, they are also part of your family.  We have therefore created and developed a superb range for pets that is always free of any preservatives or chemicals or any non-nutritive ingredients. Our range is completely natural and has been designed by an animal nutritionist with the well-being of your pet foremost in our mind.

We offer free standard shipping to anywhere in Australia for all orders over $60. You should allow for up to 72 hours for despatch from Monday to Friday, and keep in mind that this may be a little longer over weekends and public holidays.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to find out more about the fantastic range we have on offer or if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you.