...look no further we have all your doggie catering needs covered! 

C+C knows that no two Pawties are alike so neither should the menus be. We take time to create unique experiences for every Pooch and their Servants. We deliver unforgettable Insta-worthy moments with custom labels, packaging and our foods innovatively presented.

Need a Birthday Cake, Doggy Donuts, Pupcakes that will knock your guest's socks off and keep your furry guests begging for more?


All you can eat Pawty Tapas bar or take-home goodie bags we've got them covered too as well as the most fashion-forward Pawty accessories every birthday hound MUST have!

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Catering for Dogs

Innovative Catering for Dogs: Birthday Parties and Special Pooch Celebrations

Chica and Co catering for dogs will do the work so you can party with your best friend. We will turn that important occasion into a one-of-a-kind, delightful feast. Give us a call.

Tips Regarding Dog Cookies

Our holistic, handmade food is wholesome and convenient. We make each batch fresh when you order, so please give us 72 hours to prepare and ship if you cannot collect it from Forest Lake in Brisbane.

  • Do you have a special pooch event coming up? If so, you need to find the right catering company. We prepare incomparably decorated Pupcakes, Doggy Donuts, Birthday Cakes as well as Sushi Platters, a Tapas Bar, Goodie Bags, and Party Accessories.

  • We can offer you handmade Coconut Cookies, Apple of my Eye Cookies, and Spot the Dog cookies, all of which are nutritious, wholesome, and much fun.

  • How about adding our Monkey Business Banana Chips for dogs to the menu? We source all ingredients − including our bananas – locally, and then we coat the chips with coconut oil and peanut butter for an exceptional and unforgettable treat.

Your dog’s four-legged guests will be entertained for hours if given our Moo or Porky Chewz, Turkey Stix, Cheweees, or Twiggies. All these flavourful dried meat strips will brush their teeth and refresh their breath after the party.

The Importance of Handmade Dog Food

We believe that our dog food must be fresh, whole, and nutritious, which is why our dishes are handmade to order and divided up into small portions. Our certified nutritionist has developed food and snacks that may prevent certain canine health concerns grounded in medical research.

  • Chicken Lickin' Good is a yummy chew − made of 100% Chicken Breast − that provides low-fat protein for overweight and older dogs. Poochi Sushi is a tempting meal prepared of human-grade skinless Schnapper, New Zealand Hoki with a Seaweed Nori wafer, an Ocean Sesame Cookie, and Egg Omelette.

  • Our Sunday Roast is a splendid meal because it is packed with the vitamins, minerals, protein, and vegetables provided by cooked carrots, sweet potato, green beans, 98% fat-free Kangaroo, and 90% fat-free Chicken mince.

  • In addition to the Banana Chips, our Give a Dog a Bone Broth is another firm favourite. It comes as a powder that forms a jelly when mixed with water. Simply spoon this delectable super-food, made of Beef Marrow Bones, Chicken Feet, and Pork Hocks cooked together for five days, over your dog’s regular food to make it tastier and healthier.

Sound good? Your pooch will think so too, which is why we do things this way.

Why Chica and Co is Cost-Effective

It’s cost-effective to feed your fur baby species-appropriate food that prevents health problems and provides support when there are concerns because your pal will do better and need less medical attention. Our holistic dog foods, including our Cookies and Banana Chips, are the best you can find since they are medically and nutritionally beneficial. Contact us about our range.