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Feeding Adult Dogs a Raw Food Diet - The Comprehensive Guide

Course Topics

Embark on an engaging journey through our self-paced course, exploring 22 topics spread across Four in-depth Modules. Delve into the benefits of feeding raw & uncover the hidden truths of the pet food industry. Gain hands-on experience with our comprehensive Meal Formulator, mastering the art of calculating the perfect diet for adult dogs of all breeds and & life stages. Join us to transform your understanding of canine nutrition & elevate your pet's well-being! There are 4 Printable Modules & 17 Videos included. There are 4 Balanced Meal Recipes included in this course. There is a comprehensive 7-page Raw 101 Cheatsheet, & a further 5 BONUS Printable Resource Files - everything from Toxic Foods to Avoid to Meal Prepping Tips & a list of foods that are excellent to add on rotation over & above the regular meal formulas. Designed for all Breeds & all Adult Life Stages. Suitable for beginners as well as experienced Raw Feeders. UNITS OF STUDY Module One People Eat People Food, Dogs Eat Dog Food - VIDEO & NOTES The Pet Food Industry & the Complete & Balanced Myth - VIDEO & NOTES Everyday Health Issues that are Considered Normal Module Two Species Appropriate Feeding Carnivore or Omnivore? - VIDEO & NOTES Biologically Appropriate Raw Food B.A.R.F - VIDEO & NOTES Module Three The 101 Essential Raw Diet Guide How Much Should You Feed Your Adult Dog - VIDEO & NOTES Safe Food Handling - VIDEO & NOTES Raw Feeding Formula for Adult Dogs - VIDEO & NOTES Bones for Fun & Bones for Food - VIDEO & NOTES Everyday Base Recipe x 3 NOTES & 3 VIDEOS Sunday Breakfast Recipe - VIDEO & NOTES Cooked Meals Module Four Bowl Boosting & Meal Prep Value-adding foods to their bowl - VIDEO & NOTES Life-Threatening & Toxic Foods to Avoid Meal Prep Like a Pro - VIDEO & NOTES



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