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Pet Treats for Puppies

So you are expecting? Or you have your new baby cradled in your arms already? How exciting! Puppies add so much joy to your family - but it can be very confusing with all the information out there regarding feeding, nutrition, & teething!

Hopefully we can help you a little bit in making informed decisions regarding teething, entertainment and appropriate choices regarding what your new baby puts in their mouth. And - let's be real here - puppies (just like their human baby equivalents) put EVERYTHING in their mouths, the only difference between humans and furbabies are their tiny, needle-like teeth!

So, keeping this in mind let's talk about safe, species appropriate and LIFE-STAGE appropriate Treats for Puppies for your little ones that are about to eat at least 2 shoes, something plastic that you have no idea that they could reach and more than likely some wood from somewhere in your house. (Our little Monks (Baeya) chewed the edge of our front door while sitting waiting for her dad to get home. It was a lot of the front door, and it will never be the same again!)

So - simple fix right? Give them something tasty to work those little nasty tiny teefs on instead of your clothing, your ornaments or your house.

Que longer lasting harder chews that will last and amuse them while you aren't watching their every puppy move.

Now - here comes the point of this Blog. Tiny baby teefs are just that - tiny baby teefs, no matter if you have a tiny Teacup Poodle or Bull Mastiff.


This means what you give them to fulfil their needs to chew needs to be carefully chosen. Baby Teeth are soft, they move in their mouths and they pave the way for their Adult Teeth. If they damage their tiny nasty needle teeth by chewing something that is too hard they will disrupt the adult teeth alignment paving the way for expensive dental issues as they age. Overbites, underbites, missing teeth, they all mean excessive wear and tear leading to expensive veterinary work as your baby gets older.


Meaty bones are great - when they are older, as a pup you need to teach them. They are important and ensure they get calcium and clean their own (adult) teeth, but this is something that has to be carefully monitored as pups. Give them raw bones but hold them, teach them how to chew. Take the bone off them after a short period of time and pop it in the fridge. Offer again in a couple of hours. You are your pups teacher. Teach them now to enjoy a good chew in a safe manner.

Do not choose a chew that is too hard - it will make your pup chomp away and quite possibly move their tiny soft teeth in their jaws, or even worse, break or dislodge the teeth. This will result in adult teeth coming through at 6 months of age crooked or in the incorrect positions.

Now, you are asking what is too hard for my little baby? Anything like Goat Horns, Deer Antlers, Bully Sticks, Cow Hooves ARE A DEFINITE NO-NO.

The densest chew that will not damage tiny teefs are Pigs ears. A whole ear is huge - and most puppies no matter their size will chew and leave it lying around to come back to later on. Yuk! Half chewed ears attract flies, ants and bacteria. Think smaller pieces that they can eat in a single chew session.

The key take-out from this is to choose wisely. Not too hard, not too soft, so it will satisfy their instinctive need to chew without hurting their teeth.

Have a look at our carefully selected puppy-safe range of premium chews that will help you to entertain them, and provide a safe selection of foods that will satisfy their need to chew - things that are nutritionally good (and save your clothing a house!!)

Love your babies, they rely on you for everything and in return they will give you back so much!

Treats for Puppies need to be selected carefully

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