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Air Dried Fish Skin

Fish Fingers Air Dried Fish Skin Dog Treats

PriceFrom $13.50

Strips of deep-sea fish are twisted together to form a long-lasting chew. They are soft enough for dogs with teeth issues to be able to chew, but hard enough to provide good teeth cleaning benefits. They are a good source of Niacin, Phosphorus and Selenium, and a very good source of Protein, with real health benefits ranging from gut health to bone density and joint health. The skin provides essential fatty acids and Omegas and is an excellent natural supplement to your dog's regular diet.


On average they are 15–18cm in length and there are 4 pieces to a packet, minimum weight 100gm in total. As these are 100% natural length and width do vary from twisted piece to piece.


Human food designed for your dog's health, as always we promise absolutely nothing has been added, no preservatives or chemicals.


    Weight 100gm, Four pieces per pack. Weight 200gm, Eight pieces per pack. Refrigerate on opening and use within four weeks. As this is an all natural product shape and size may vary. Custom sizes available on order.

    All ingredients are locally sourced from Australian produce only and handmade in Brisbane, Queensland.

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