Healthy Bites

Healthy Bites Made With REAL Natural Ingredients No Harmful Chemicals

Dogs love our Chica and Co healthy bites because they taste heavenly and are handmade to order in small batches that contain real food, for natural goodness. We leave out the horrid artificial components to create safe, healthy dog treats. Your dog would love you to find out more.

What You Can Expect from Chica and Co Regarding Healthy Dog Training Treats

Whether your dog is as healthy as can be or suffers from allergies, gum and dental hygiene concerns, or arthritis and painful joints, healthy snacks for dogs will add value to life by addressing the discomfort on a nutritional level.

  • Our certified nutritionist developed healthy dog delights that address particular canine concerns, based on medical research. We produce fresh, wholesome goodies with fun names such as Chicken Lickin' Good (a tasty jerky chew made of 100% Chicken Breast: a low-fat protein for older and overweight dogs) and Moo Chewz (a hard, teeth cleaning, long-lasting, low-fat 100% Topside Beef jerky).

  • Our Sunday Roast contains cooked green beans, carrots, and sweet potato with 98% fat-free Kangaroo and 90% fat-free chicken mince, divided into small portions filled with veggies, proteins, minerals, and vitamins for a scrumptious, healthy meal.

  • Poochi Sushi is a delectable feast filled with human-grade seafood – skinless Schnapper, an Ocean Sesame Cookie, and New Zealand Hoki – with egg omelette and a seaweed nori wafer.

Speak to your veterinarian for specialised advice on any health issues your dog may have and the correct diagnosis and treatment.

What Your Pooch Stands to Gain if You Use Chica and Co

Our doggy chefs use human food to create dishes that are good for your dog’s health, and we guarantee that we never add any harmful chemicals or preservatives. 

  • Flea and tick products, vaccines, steroids, antibiotics, and a poor diet may cause Leaky Gut Syndrome. Microbiomes form most of your dog’s immune system and provide many essential health benefits. The mucous membrane that lines the intestinal wall needs to stay healthy because it permits essential digested supplements to pass into the bloodstream. That’s where we come in.

  • Your fur baby will truly enjoy our Give a Dog a Bone Broth. We cook beef marrow bones, pork hocks and chicken feet for five days to make this flavourful super-food that strengthens the immune system and keeps the gut healthy.

  • Give a Dog a Bone Broth is sodium-free and contains glycerine gelatine and Collagen that facilitate the digestion of nutrients, restores the health of the mucosal stomach lining, and builds strong hair and nails.

Mix the all-natural low-fat broth powder with water to create a meaty jelly and spoon some over your dog’s regular meal to address health concerns such as arthritis, joint pain, stress, and inflammation as well as yummy nutritional goodness.

About Chica and Co

We source all our foods from local Australian producers and are handmade in Brisbane. We provide paper packaging and 100% recyclable plastic packaging to help save the planet step-by-step, one PAWPRINT at a time! Shop now and give your dog the best.