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Fortifying the Food Bowl, Achieving Optimal Health

Course Topics

In this self-paced course a broad list of 13 topics are discussed. Everything from understanding what a Species Appropriate Diet is, making informed decisions about different style of feeding, behavioural issues effected by foods, value-adding to every day meals to the role probiotics play for overall Gut Health. There are 8 Downloadable Resource Files included in this course. Designed for all Breeds & Life Stages & is inclusive of all styles of foods. UNITS OF STUDY Module 1 Feeding a Species Appropriate Diet – Is it Carnivore or Omnivore? Module 2 Why do we Accept Everyday Health Issues as Normal? Module 3 What are Everyday Health Issues & are they 'Normal'? Module 4 There are so many styles of Feeding - What are the Options Available? Module 5 What is Biological Appropriate Raw Food B.A.R.F? Module 6 Safe Food Handling Techniques Module 7 Training – What’s food got to do with it? Module 8 How much should I feed my dog? - Downloadable Guides based on Age & Weight Module 9 Bones for Food or Bones for Fun? What does the Mean? Module 10 What is Life Threatening, What is Toxic, and What is Safe to Feed Module 11 How to Value Add to Every Meal Module 12 Probiotics & Prebiotics what does this Mean? Do we Need Them? Module 13 Recipes for DIY Treats


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