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Our Premium, Australian Made Organic Shampoos and Conditioners are available in two formulations – Deeply Nourishing or Hypoallergenic for Sensitive Skin. You will see and smell the difference when you bath your pet in our all-natural and Australian sourced and made grooming products. There is no comparison to the mass produced chemical shampoos and conditioners on the market elsewhere. 


I proudly guarantee the exceptional quality of our products, and I promise your dog's coat will be shiny, incredibly soft and smell divine. You will never see another product designed for your pet that is often used by their humans as well!

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Vet Approved Formulation

100% Plant Based & Chemical Free

100% Human Grade

100% Pure Essential Oils

Organic Ingredients  

Australian Formulated & Made


PH Balanced

100% Biodegradable

Made in small batches to ensure freshness

Suitable for dogs, cats and small animals

+ No SLS or SLES

+ No Parabens

+ No Petrolatum + No Phthalates

+ No Mineral Oil

+ No Silicone

+ No Petrochemicals

+ No Palm Oil

+ No Alcohol

+ No Artificial Colours

+ No Synthetic Perfumes

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We know that harsh and nasty chemicals regularly found in pet grooming supplies can irritate your pup’s skin, leaving their coat dry, coarse and dull — no, thanks! Avoid this issue altogether by choosing our all-natural and organic alternatives that’ll leave your furry friend itch-free and smelling absolutely divine. 


Available in two nourishing, vet-approved formulations, our dog shampoos and conditioners are created with soothing ingredients like goat milk, aloe vera, coconut and essential oils that nourish the skin without irritation. Our pet grooming supplies are free from nasty parabens and SLS, so you can rest assured you’re bathing your four-legged friend in premium products that’ll keep their coat fresh, smooth and clean. 


How to choose the right all-natural dog shampoo and conditioner 


Our hypoallergenic pet grooming supplies are your best bet if your dog’s skin is sensitive, itchy, dry, or easily irritated. Our dog shampoos and conditioners ensure optimal skin and coat hydration with enriching essential oils and 100% natural ingredients. Suitable for every breed and size, our vet-approved hypoallergenic formulas will prevent nasty skin irritations as they’re free from synthetic chemicals, synthetic perfumes, parabens, palm oil, silicone and petrochemicals. 


If your doggo isn’t prone to skin irritation, our Nourishing dog shampoo and conditioner products are must-haves in your normal grooming routine. The blend of enriching ingredients works to hydrate and repair your pup’s coat while gently cleansing their skin without stripping it of its natural oils. 


Simply wet their coat, apply Nourishing Shampoo and massage well before rinsing with warm water. Follow with Nourishing Conditioner, created with coconut milk, organic chamomile, essential oils and organic green tea. 


Level up your grooming routine with the best dog shampoos and conditioners 


Packed with wholesome and nourishing natural and organic ingredients that work hard to offer a deep clean and shiny coat, Chica and Co’s gentle, sweet-smelling pet grooming supplies are perfect for regular use. 


Free from nasty chemicals, perfumes and preservatives, shop our products online today to give your furry friend the best bath of their life! If you have any questions about our dog shampoos and conditioners, get in contact with us today. 

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