It's what we leave out that matters

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all natural locally sourced foods

Your pooch will love our extensive range of delicious and nutritious food. You’re sure to find a taste they’ll love. Doesn’t your paw pal deserve REAL food with REAL healthy ingredients without all those chemical nasties?


Baked Dog Treats

Our Healthy yet Delicious Baked Dog Treats Contain Whole Human-Grade Ingredients

Chica and Co baked dog treats are so yummy your pooch will never forget them. We bake Doggy Donuts, birthday cakes, Pupcakes, and cookies in all shapes and sizes. Whether your best friend is having a birthday party or simply deserves to be spoiled, we are ready to help. Take a peek.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Natural Pet Treats

Some folks think that “natural” means “whole” as in whole grains or whole chickens, and others believe that it means the food is uncooked or untreated. In contrast, “natural” essentially means that the food does not contain artificial ingredients and is not chemically processed.

  • We understand that commercial foods require preservatives because they contain animal fats and oils that may go rancid, which shortens shelf-life. Natural preservatives are considered safe as they generally originate from Vitamins E or C. Artificial preservatives; however, can be toxic to your pet and cause health problems.

  • The World Health Organisation regards BHA and BHT as cancer-causing, and Ethoxyquin is so dangerous that it is not sanctioned for use in dog food in the European Union or our native Australia. Sadly, too many commercial manufacturers continue using these additives, so do look out for these names on packaging.

  • We make our meals and treats to order − in small batches, by hand − and of real food for inherent goodness and great taste. Our dog foods truly are “natural” because they don’t contain artificial flavouring, colouring, or preservatives. We don’t add harmful chemicals to our dog birthday treats– ever − and we guarantee that our delicacies are safe because we use fresh human food to create dishes that are beneficial to your dog’s health.

Your dog has no choice but to eat the food that you offer, and a good diet not only provides natural health-care for dogs, but it can be muzzle-watering too.

The Benefits of Our Unique Dog Food

Do you sometimes wonder what commercial pooch biscuits contain and whether they are harmless? We list all our ingredients to give you peace of mind. If you want to know exactly what is in our food, call us today!

  • Coconut is good for you and your dog since it supports skin and joint health. Our Coconut Cookies are chock full of coconut flour, meat, and oil – as well as a dab of peanut butter for that scrumptious taste. Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides, and the fatty acids destroy viruses, fungi, and bacteria to inhibit infections.

  • We make our delicious Apple of my Eye Cookies of those same coconut elements, plus apple and cinnamon. This heart-shaped treat combats inflammation and may even reduce painful, swollen joints, as is the case with our Spot the Dog baked treat. Chia seeds activated in coconut milk become a super-food, and we cram these fun biscuits with Omega 3 and 6, protein, fibre, and essential minerals to support mobility.

  • Take a look at our dental treats as well. Twiggies and Cheweees will keep your pup busy for hours and prevent tender gums, plaque deposits, bad breath, and possible tooth extraction. Porky Chewz are dried strips explicitly cut to serve as flavoursome toothbrushes for clean teeth and fresh breath. Or your doggy may prefer Moo Chewz or Turkey Stix? Do take a look and decide.

Speak to your veterinary surgeon for specialist advice if you’re concerned about your dog’s health. Nothing can replace proper diagnosis and the right treatment by a qualified medical practitioner.

Why You Should Buy from Chica and Co

You can either collect your purchase from Forest Lake in Brisbane or have it delivered. We afford free standard shipping if you buy for more than $60. It may take three to six days for your order to be delivered, perhaps longer depending on the postal service and how busy we are. We need 72 hours to cook and mail your items.

We would love to welcome you to our Chica and Co family, undertake to care for your best friend to the best of our ability with knowledge and compassion. Contact us to view our product range, put together the best meal plan for dogs, and buy Chica and Baeya’s wholesome fare.