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Pupcorn Nibbles

Pupcorn Nibbles

PriceFrom $13.95

100% Chicken Breast meat air-dried to form perfect nibbles. The shape and size makes it perfect for stuffing in Snuffle Mats or Enrichment Toys like Kongs. 


As a single ingredient Protein, these tiny nibbles are fantastic for Training. They leave no mess or smell behind in your treat Training Pouch or Pocket and are ideal for any sort of Training exercise like recall or sit and stay -  we've found they are a crowd pleaser!


Chicken breast meat is very low in fat and high in muscle building protein. The small pieces can be crumbled down even further which enables a lot of training rewards without a lot of food impacting on their caloric intake.


Human food designed for your dogs' health, as always we promise absolutely nothing has been added, no preservatives or chemicals. Why not help save the planet one PAWPRINT at a time choose paper packaging at checkout!


    Refrigerate on opening and use within four weeks. As this is an all natural product shape and size may vary. Custom sizes available on order.

    All ingredients are locally sourced from Australian produce only and handmade in Brisbane, Queensland.

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