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We are here to help you help your dog live its healthiest and happiest life. Our Qualified Animal Nutritionist is available for private one-on-one consultations to empower you to heal your dog through nutrition and knowledge.

We specialise in working with you to heal those 'Normal' health problems like:


Skin Rashes, Hot Spots, Chronic Itching, Seasonal Allergies,

Infected Ears, Eye Tear Ducts, Anal Gland Blockages.

Vomiting, frothy bile, Diarrhoea.

Erratic behaviours, difficulty in getting focus for training.

Digestive problems, food intollerances.

Smelly skin & coat, Rotten teeth.

Obesity, Flatulence & Smelly excessively large poops.

Book a private one-on-one consultation today and change your dog's life for the better!

There are many other things you may be interested in learning about, the following are the most common topics of interest


Feeding your Dog a Species Appropriate Diet (BARF) & what options are available to you, your lifestyle & budget.


Feeding beneficial foods to mitigate Arthritis or reverse the effects of the disease Stop their pain!.


How to safely transition your dog from a highly processed commercial diet to a natural range of healthy real foods including Meats, Bones, Vegetables, Fruits, Seeds & Offal.


Feeding your puppy to set him up for a long and healthy life (hint: it's not Kibble!).


How to use Enrichment Toys to stimulate your dog's brain (& basically make him happy!)


How to Meal Prep to save time & money & safe food handling techniques

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