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Big Dog Optimal Health Bundle

Big Dog Optimal Health Bundle


Our premium selection of single ingredient 400gm Bulk Bags are designed for our larger furiends or families of more than one dog. This selection focusses on longer lasting Chews & Bone & Joint health.


Larger dogs need more nutritional support for their Joints and Connective Tissues and this selection is designed to address this need in a tasty way!


The Bundle Pack contains the following:


Pork Tenderloin 400gm - $55.00

Moo Chews 400gm - $47.95

Shark Cartildge Teeth n' Bones Thick Size 400gm - $44.00

Mega Chew Beef Tendon x 2 Pack - $21.00

Cheweees 300gm - $40.00

Healthy Bones Meal Supplement - $24.50



SPECIAL BUNDLE DISCOUNT PRICE - $190 that's $42.45 off!


Pork Tenderloin

It is a great alternative to other proteins like Beef or Chicken that can cause problems with some dogs. Are they high in fat I hear you asking? Well...

Pork Loin fillets have less than half the fat of beef fillets, Less fat than snapper fillets, & are leaner than skinless chicken breast fillets. Lean trimmed pork is a source of Protein, a valuable source of iron, Thiamine, Niacin, B6, B12, Riboflavin, Zinc, and Omega-3.


Moo Chews

100% Topside Beef air-dried jerky is a great long lasting chew packed full of flavour & protein for overall well being. Super low in fat they are quite hard and will provide a great teeth-cleaning chew.


Shark Cartilage Teeth n' Bones Chews

One of the top supplements for treating dogs suffering from arthritis and other joint issues like hip dysplasia (especially common in larger breeds). This is because shark cartilage contains both glucosamine and chondroitin which have been proven to help build healthy cartilage in dogs and keep the joints mobile.


Mega Chew Beef Tendon

These are a Single Piece Beef Tendon that will suit larger dogs. They weigh between 85 grams and 95 grams each piece and are approximately 30cm to 35cm in length. They are rich in Glucosimine, excellent for joint health!



They are great as a dental hygiene aid or can be stuffed with your favourite foods as they are tube-shaped. We call them our STAND AND STUFF!  They are excellent for mental stimulation, and provide a very long lasting meal replacement when frozen.


Healthy Bones Meal Supplement

All the calcium they need daily to maintain bone density, strengthen & re-build surrounding connective tissues.


Calcium, phosphorus & magnesium to build & support healthy bones.

Glucosamine & chondroitin reduce inflammation, & assist post injury connective ligament tissue healing.

Antioxidants to fight cellular damage.



Human food designed for your dogs' health, as always we promise absolutely nothing has been added, no preservatives or chemicals. 


    Refrigerate on opening and use within four weeks. As this is an all natural product shape and size may vary.

    All ingredients are locally sourced from Australian produce only and handmade in Brisbane, Queensland.

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