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Reading & Understanding Pet Food Labels

Course Topics

In this self-paced course 12 topics are discussed. To make better informed choices when choosing Commercial foods we have to have an understanding of Pet Food Labeling Laws. We go in depth into Ingredients, what are beneficial & what are harmful, why they are included & how the really poorest of poor quality ingredients make it into our dogs food. We also cover Prescription Diets & Breed Specific Diets. There are 8 Downloadable Resource Files included in this course. It is a Self-Paced Course. Designed for all Breeds & Life Stages & is inclusive of Commercial Pre-Made Meals and Dry Kibble styles of feeding. UNITS OF STUDY Module 1 Feeding a Species Appropriate Diet – Is it Carnivore or Omnivore? Module 2 It’s your choice what to feed your dog, what are the options available? Module 3 What should I look for in choosing Pre-made Frozen Raw Food or Dry Kibble? Module 4 How to Read Pet Food Labels & learn that not all is as simple as it seems! Module 5 The role AAFCO & the FDA Play in Pet Foods Module 6 Reading Ingredient Lists the Correct Way Module 7 What is Ingredient Splitting? Module 8 The Salt Divider Trick that will Save you Time Module 9 Mystery Meats & Sawdust - Understanding Ingredient Terms & Word Manipulations Module 10 Prescription Diets - What are they, do they Work? Module 11 Breed Specific Diets - What are they, do they Work? Module 12 Do Foods Alter Behaviours?



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