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How to fix your Dogs Diarrhoea fast! 5 simple steps to get him back to feeling great again

Today I’m going to give you 5 secret weapons you can pull out any time your doggo gets an attack of Diarrhoea - or as I like to call it Poonami. This one will be a game changer for every dog owner as we’ve all experienced this at one time or another! So what are these secret weapons that literally will cost you cents and can help you avoid an expensive Vet visit and fix your dogs Diarrhoea fast?

Every dog at one time or another will get a bout of Diarrhoea, even the healthiest doggos. It could be something they ate, after a sneaky little bin dive, or picked up a tummy bug at the dog park, the list is long, and for the most part, you won’t really know why. But Poonami strikes fast, and you want something fast and convenient to solve the problem before your pile of washing gets too big!

Here are five weapons to deploy to fix a bout of Dog Diarrhoea

#1 Cooked Pumpkin

It’s full of insoluble fibre, and most dogs love it. You can boost the insoluble fibre in this mushy food by cooking it down with some Kale or other leafy green veg like spinach. Cook this mix until really soft and blend it up, add some Pink Himalayan Salt - this mix is full of that fibre, that will bulk up their poop and make it firmer, full of Vitamin C, Iron from the greens and the trace minerals from the salt will help to rebalance what they’ve lost. As a guide, 1 teaspoon of Pink Salt to 1 kilo of cooked veggies. Make it really mushy, with lots of water content to rehydrate and replace lost fluids.

# 2 Ice cube Trays

A great plan is to make up enough of the Pumpkin and green mix to solve the problem right now, and then to pop the remainder into an ice cube tray. This way you’ll have your Poonami fix on hand when the next time strikes. 

#3 Psyllium Husks

These husks are milled from the outside of the Psyllium Seeds. They are completely insoluble, and as such have no nutritional content for your doggo. What it will do is really firm up those runny poops quick smart. You can buy this from most supermarkets - fun fact it’s great to restore the gut microbiome as this insoluble fibre is a great Prebiotic, helping to restore the gut. Simply add a teaspoon for every 5 kilos of your dog's body weight to the cooked pumpkin mix for really fast results, or you can soak them in a little coconut milk and give this mix by itself, most dogs love the taste of coconut, and at this stage, they need all the hydration they can get!. 

#4 Cooked Chicken and Rice

Cooked chicken and rice is the go-to that most vets default to, but you can do better than this as rice is not great for your dog for many reasons. Simply replace the cooked rice with cooked pumpkin, and serve it warm. Include the Psyllium Husks for a super fast fix. If your dog is feeling a tad unwell, the warmth will entice him to eat.

#5 Cooked Rotisserie Chicken

Once you solve the Poonami problem, your doggo may still be off his food. The 100% guaranteed tempting food is a good old BBQ chook, the ones you can get at most supermarkets. Tempt him with the white flesh first, skin free. If he takes this with enthusiasm, you can shred the flesh and the skin into his bowl and top with your veggie mix. If all is well and no signs of relapse you can start to reintroduce his regular foods. Just feed him really small meals a couple of times a day for a day or so. And, always make sure he has access to plenty of clean water as he will be dehydrated.


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