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Healthy dog licking their lips

It makes sense right? We all love our dogs and want only the best for them and when they are in pain or unhappy we want to help.


Modern marketing has changed the way we feed our dogs, and it's no secret that most of our dog's health issues today were not around 50 years ago — the advent of the pet food industry.


We can help supplement our dog's commercially made diets with species-appropriate whole foods that can help bridge the gaps left by this chemical and preservative-laden mass-produced dog 'food'. This may also help to prevent, alleviate and relieve many common symptoms that dogs suffer today.

you are what you eat and the same rule applies to your pooch

overall health starts in the gut

Trillions of tiny organisms live inside your dog’s gut. In fact, they outnumber your dog’s own cells by ten times. These organisms include bacteria, viruses and fungi. They live in the mouth, respiratory tract, small and large intestines. Together, these communities of tiny guests are called the microbiome. They carry an array of benefits for their host (your dog). In fact, they’re so important to your dog’s health, they form most of his immune system.


Poor diet, antibiotics, steroids, vaccines, flea and tick products and other drugs can lead to Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Your dog’s intestinal wall is lined with a delicate mucous membrane that allows digested nutrients to enter the bloodstream. Think of it like a cheesecloth that only lets tiny particles through. This “cheesecloth” also protects the bloodstream from pathogens and undigested food.


But when your dog has dysbiosis (caused by poor diet and chemical overload), the mucosa can become inflamed. This causes the holes in the cheesecloth to get stretched out, letting larger food particles, bacteria and toxins through into the bloodstream.


This is Leaky Gut Syndrome. The condition sets off a chain reaction in the body: the liver has to work harder to screen out the particles; the immune system tries to prevent the invaders but can’t keep up. The result is inflammation which can lead to many types of disease, including skin issues, food sensitivities and allergies, chronic digestive and other disorders, and even autoimmune disease and arthritis. You are what you eat!

foods that may help skin and coat issues

Painful Hot Spots, dry, itchy skin, rashes, contact allergies, dandruff and hair loss can be helped through diet. Rust stains, (those dark coloured stains around your dog's eyes, muzzle or paws) can be managed. They may be caused by yeast and an imbalance in your pooch's diet. Grains, high carbohydrates and starchy ingredients found in commercial foods (for example Kibble - including the grain-free varieties) create an overload of sugars and the yeast feeds off these causing these marks and many itchy skin conditions.

Diets that contain fatty acids, Omegas, and quality oils like Coconut Oil help to improve and maintain healthy skin and coats. Reduce the carbohydrates in your pooches food, introduce lightly cooked vegetables like pumpkin, any sort of greens, carrots, but steer clear of high carb types of veg like white potato and sweetcorn or any type of legumes. Seafood is fabulous not only to improve their skin and coat condition, but the benefits from all the good oils assist joint health as well.

foods that may help dental hygiene and gum issues

Bad breath or a reluctance to eat harder foods may be the first signs of periodontal disease. Prevention and maintenance are vital. Did you know that over 85% of all dogs under 4 years of age in Australia display a build-up of plaque that can lead to expensive vet bills, painful swollen gums, and finally teeth extraction?


Dogs instinctively know how to clean their teeth, and if given the opportunity they will do so themselves. Ever seen a dog grab a stick and chew on it? Clamped firmly in their front paws they will hold it and using their back teeth will give it a good chew. Good quality size appropriate RAW meaty bones are always the best option (generally steer clear of the marrow bones that are sawn in half as they are extremely high in fat). If you are concerned about feeding your pooch bones as they can splinter and cause dangerous blockages check out our range of shatter-free options. TWIGGIES are so named because that's what they look like and are cut specifically for back teeth cleaning. PORKY CHEWS are cut and have different curled shapes. These are our 'little toothbrushes' and all those angles make sure all the teeth get a good workout. 


PLEASE NOTE: We do not make or stock any products with bones in them (ie. Roo Rib Racks, Chicken Wings, Roo Tails etc). DEHYDRATED BONES SHATTER IN A SIMILAR WAY AS COOKED BONES, after all, they are cooked just for a lot longer!

foods that may help arthritis and painful joint issues

Sore, swollen and stiff joints can be helped with a quality diet and natural supplements. Remember, prevention is better than cure - it's never too early to start your pup or younger dog on a quality diet that over time will decrease the chances of arthritis and injury to their joints. As your pooch ages often they start to show slower movement, a reluctance to run or play as they used to. We all age, and joint mobility and swelling can make this painful. Help your pooch to live a pain free and active life by feeding them foods that are rich in Omegas, fatty acids, chondroitin, and glucosamine.  


Our WELLNESS+ Range of Meal Toppers and our Bone Broth go hand in hand and may assist in the reduction of swelling and help to strengthen the soft tissues and connective ligaments and tendons that hold the joints together. All of our Seafood range are fantastic as they are packed full of all the good oils that benefit not only joint health but pretty much every part of your pooch - from nose to tail!

All advice is for educational purposes only. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. This information does not replace advice provided by your veterinary specialist.

Allergy Relief For Dogs

Our Food and Treats Provide Allergy Relief for Dogs

So, you’re at your wit's end and have tried so many products that supposedly provide allergy relief for dogs? We hear you, which is why you should browse our online store now for whatever it is your furry friends need. Indeed not just for what they need, but for what you know they’ll love. They’re our friends too, and we care about them as much as you do.

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